The Company’s Audit Committee was formed by the Board of Commissioners, in accordance with Bapepam-LK Rule No. IX.I.5. The committee works collectively and helps the implementation of the Board of Commissioners’ function and duty in terms of supervision of issues relating to financial statements, internal control system, internal and external audit functions, GCG implementation as well as compliance with prevailing rules and regulations. Members of the Audit Committee are appointed and dismissed by the Board of Commissioners, and reported to GMS.

The Audit Committee comprises at least three members, namely Independent Commissioner and two members from outside of the Company. The Audit Committee is led by Independent Commissioner.

The term of office for the Audit Committee’s members who are also the Board of Commissioners’ members is the same as that of the Board’s, as determined by the GMS. Meanwhile, the term of office for the Audit Committee’s members who are not the Board of Commissioners’ members shall be at most three years, without restraining the right of the Board of Commissioners to dismiss the members at any point in time.

In implementing their duties and responsibilities, the Audit Committee must hold at least  three Audit Committee meetings, produce reports for the Board of Commissioners, investigate complaints relating to financial reports, and present the results of the investigation to related parties within the Company, and monitor progress of the follow-up action.

Audit Committee Profile

Estherina Arianti Djaja | Head of Audit Committee

She was previously the General Manager in Agung Sedayu Group, an Advisor in various firms, the President Commissioner of PT Ridean Finance (2001-2003) and the Commissioner of PT Multipanen Kontrindo (1995-1997). She graduated from Economic Faculty, Parahyangan Catholic University , Bandung, Indonesia with Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management (1979).

Christina Sutanto | Member

She is an independent consultant with over 22 years of experience in the field of audit. Prior to being an independent consultant, she was Executive Director of Purwantono, Suherman & Surja Ernst & Young (1998-2011). She obtained her Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting from Swinburne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia (1998).

Anang Yudiansyah Setiawan | Member

He is an independent consultant with over 20 years working in the fields of Financial Audit, Internal Audit, Process Improvement, as well as developing the SOP and reviewing the Corporate Governance process. Aside being the Company’s independent consultan, he also served as an Audit Committee at PT Sarana Menara Nusantara Tbk since 2011 and Senior Adviser at PT DEX Solutions Indonesia since 2009. He earned his Bachelor of Economics degree majoring in Accounting from University of Indonesia (1994).

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Letter of Appointment and Dismissal of the Audit Committee pdficon_large